Research in music and emotions: problems and methods. August 2016


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Does Always the Phrygian Mode Elicit Responses of Negative Valence? PĂłster presented in the Folk Music Analysis 2014. Bogacizi University. Istanbul. 12-13 of June

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Perceived Emotions in Phrygian Mode In Musically Trained Children. June 13th 2013. JyvĂ€skylĂ€. Finland

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Learning harmony by inquiry-based learning 

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Manuel TizĂłn and Arturo TizĂłn DĂ­az (He is a specialist in articular manipulative physical therapy and he holds a Master's Degree in Community Phisiotherapy Care). In this little article, we study a very common problem in music community: Musicians' injuries


"TecnopatĂ­as del guitarrista" (Guitarists Injuries)

Sexto orden nÂș 1. Summer 2009

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 Analytical approach  to the Leo Bouwer's guitar concert entitled Elegiac (nÂș 3) 

"AproximaciĂłn analĂ­tica al cocierto nÂș3"(Analytical approach to the concert no.3)

Sexto orden nÂș 4.October 2010

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Chapter of the book Research from the art (Investigar desde el arte) 


Continuity transformation in the first ten measures in the Giorgy Ligeti's wind quintet (first movement). Morphological alterations using the computer.  




Taking influence in several mathematical theories related to topology, we are looking for the morphological breakage in a music work transforming various music elements. Elements like meter, harmony or texture are altered in the 1st ten measures in the Gyorgy Ligeti wind quintet (first movement). The morphological breakage will be given by the discontinuity, linking this term in our research with non-recognition of the music work through listening.    





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