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    Manuel TizĂłn DĂ­az began his music career in his home town of Ferrol (Spain) and studied guitar in the Conservatory of Ferrol. He graduated in guitar from the Madrid Royal Conservatory under the supervision of prestigious guitarist Gabriel Estarellas. Moreover, he pursued his music studies and graduated from the same Conservatory in Musicology, Music Composition and Music Education, thus obtaining four degrees. He won the Graduation Prize from the Madrid Royal Conservatory in music composition. He also studied music theory with Enrique Igoa and Alicia DĂ­az, counterpoint with Daniel Vega, composition with Teresa Catalán and film scoring with Eduardo Armenteros. He holds two Master's Degree; one in Music Creation and Performance and another one in Music Education. In addition to this, he has a PhD in music; the research topic has focused on style, music and emotions.

    He has studied jazz (guitar, harmony and orchestration) with FĂ©lix Santos Guindel (the best exponent of the Berklee school in Spain). His premiers as composer correspond to orchestral, chamber and soloist works; one example is his Toccata, Fugue and Fancy for solo guitar, premiered at Queen SofĂ­a Auditorium or Noesis 05, a quintet premiered by the prestigious group Plural Ensemble. Moreover, he has been awarded with the first prize of music composition in the "Ludus Tonalis composition contest", for his composition "Mia irmana fremosa". He has published research papers in publications or chapters of books (see publications and research). Lastly, he is a professor at the International University of La Rioja and Director of the Master's Degree in Music Research.